Introducing the ultimate solution for your culinary desires – a specialized turkey fryer meticulously crafted for the sole purpose of creating mouthwatering turkeys. Our simplified turkey fryer package features a premium aluminum turkey fryer pot with basket and a sturdy steel stove stand, expertly welded for unparalleled stability. At OuterMust, we veer away from excessive bundles, offering you only the essential components you truly need. Say goodbye to unnecessary kitchen clutter – our turkey fryer provides all you require to master the art of cooking. Embark on the journey of turkey frying with confidence, thanks to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the OuterMust turkey fryer. Elevate your home-cooking escapades and relish in the extraordinary outcomes that the OuterMust turkey fryer brings to your dining experience.

This turkey fryer kit comes with a 10PSI pressure reducing valve to maximize the safety of you and your family during use. This seafood boiling kit is lit by manual ignition. After connecting the gas cylinder, just one single ignitor to light the fire, no additional operation is required. With strong output, oil (3.698 gallons) can be boiled within 35 minutes. We care about our customers' using experience, so this turkey fryer kit is easy to install and you can have it up and running in less than 15 minutes! This turkey fryer is equipped with a pouring nozzle design, you can easily pour the used oil into a oil bag (not included) and dispose of it or use it again.
Pricing & Packing:
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Pot and basket material:
Stove head material:
Turkey fryer pot size:
Stove stand size:
Total G.W.:
galvanized iron
φ11.81’’ x 15.67’’ H
12.36’’ L x 12.36’’ W x 13.46’’H
18.08 lb
Stove stand material:
Turkey fryer basket size:
Turkey fryer capacity:
Total N.W.:
silvery and black
φ9.80’’ x 11.57’’
H 30 qt.
14.11 lb
Aluminum pot and basket for long term use
·Durable steel with carefully welded for strong structure
·Galvanized iron burner for stable output
·Hang-to-drain design for easy use
·High-temp powder attached stove stand for durability
·Reinforced handrails for easy access
·50,000 BTU powerful output for rapid heating
·Pouring nozzle design for easy operation
·Heat insulated panels for safety
·Two turkey hooks for convenience
·10 PSI pressure reducing valve for safe operation
Key Features
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