150 QT Crawfish Seafood Boiler
150 QT Crawfish Seafood Boiler
As late April transitions into May in Louisiana, the eagerly awaited crawfish season comes into full swing. This period, characterized by its vibrant energy and culinary significance, is a time of spirited anticipation as both locals and visitors gear up for the much-loved tradition of dynamic crawfish boils. The air is filled with the enticing aromas of Cajun and Creole spices, which serve as a captivating invitation for friends and families to converge and partake in the timeless pleasure of extracting the tender goodness from crawfish shells.

Central to these festive gatherings is the dependable 90 QT crawfish seafood boiler, a steadfast partner for these joyous occasions. Crafted from durable materials, this boiler stands as a stalwart companion capable of accommodating an impressive 90 pounds of crawfish or other seafood with unparalleled efficiency. Its robust 135,000 BTU output ensures that the contents reach a rolling boil in a mere half-hour, setting the stage for an epicurean adventure.
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·Aluminum pot and basket for long term use
·Durable stainless steel, aluminum and cold-rolled steel with carefully welded for strong structure
·Stainless steel burner for stable output
·Hang-to-drain design for easy use
·Folding front table for convenience
·Easy-for-dumping design
Key Features
Pricing & Packing:
Inner basket material:
Total N.W.:
aluminum and steel
silvery and black
150 qt.
Stove head material:
Product size:
stainless steel
52.95’’L x 34.84’’W x 38.19’’H
135,000 BTU
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