5L Disposal Oil Bag
5L Disposal Oil Bag
You must have had the trouble of not knowing how to dispose of used oils. You want to reuse used oils but can't find suitable containers to put them in, and you want to throw away used oils but are worried about whether it's a reasonable way to dispose of them. We now offer you a best choice of 6-pack oil bags. You don’t have to worry about the disposal of used oils. Also this oil bag is made of food-grade material so you can use these oil bags to hold any grains and liquids, just make sure to tighten the lids to preserve them!
Pricing & Packing:
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Product capacity:
6 in a box
·Continuous Thread Closures ensures a tight seal and easy access
·Can be used for storing grains, cereals or other liquid
·Avoid waste or environmental pollution
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