Most deep fryer are powered by electric and we know that it’s super inconvenient for outdoor use. Now we OuterMust brings one creative outdoor deep fryer with two inner baskets. Made of durable aluminum, these fry pot and inner baskets are easy to maintain and last for long-term-use. Coming with two inner baskets, you can fry two different foods at same time to meet your needs. With the help of this versatile deep burner, you can entertain your guests at ease.

This 18 qt. deep fryer comes with one aluminum fryer pot, two inner baskets, one 5’’ thermometer and one stand. Fish and chips, french fries, croquettes, onion rings, shrimps, donuts, fried cornbread and potato chips can all be materialized. You can use this cooking helper to assist you perform all your ideas of creative fried dishes. This appliance is NOT for frying turkeys! Please use it on a firm ground!
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·Aluminum pot and basket for long term use
·Durable cast iron with carefully welded for strong structure
·Durable steel burner for stable output
·Hang-to-drain design for easy use
·Reinforced handrails for easy access
·58,000 BTU powerful output for rapid heating
·Heat insulated panels for safety
·5 PSI pressure reducing valve for safe operation
Key Features
Pricing & Packing:
Pot and basket material:
Stove head material:
Pot size:
Stove stand size:
Total G.W.:
cast iron
15.75’’L x 12.48’’ W x 4.72’’ H
13.78’’L x 16.57’’ W x 19.80’’ H
20.28 lb

Stove stand material:
Single basket size:
Total N.W.:
silvery and black
6.73’’L x 10.39’’ W x 4.09’’ H
18 qt.
15.40 lb
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