Has it been a long time since you've gotten together with your friends? Has it been a long time since you've savored a delicious seafood feast? This 60 Qt. seafood boiling kit can fulfill all your requirements for a party seafood meal. Made of durable aluminum, these crab boiling pot and basket withstand high temperature and last for long term use. Also famous for its waterproof feature, aluminum is not easy to be rusted. Stove stand is made of high-quality steel with high-temperature powder attached. Each part is perfectly welded. OuterMust 60 Qt. seafood boiling kit is the most reliable assistant to help you make a superb creole feast!

If you have no hand you can't make a fist! A satisfactory cooker is the most useful assistant to help you make a seafood feast. This 60 Qt. seafood boil kit cooks up to 35 lb. of seafood at a time. No matter what the ingredients are like shrimps, sausages, corns, mushrooms, onions, lemons, lobsters or baby red potatoes, this seafood boiling kit can handle it easily. It serves 10-20 guests at a time within just one cook. These aluminum seafood pot and basket are easy to clean, just rinse with ordinary cleaning agents and air dry.
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·Aluminum pot and basket for long term use
·Durable steel with carefully welded for strong structure
·Stainless steel burner for stable output
·Hang-to-drain design for easy use
Key Features
Pricing & Packing:
Pot and basket material:
Stove head material:
Pot size:
Stove stand size:
Total G.W.:
stainless steel
φ16.77’’ x 15.67’’ H
18.70’’L x 18.70’’ W x 16.97’’ H
31.31 lb
Stove stand material:
Basket size: size:
Total N.W.:
silvery and black
φ14.80’’ x 14.02’’ H
60 qt.
25.57 lb
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