Discover the perfect solution for your culinary needs–a single-purpose turkey fryer designed exclusively for frying delicious turkeys. Our streamlined turkey fryer package includes a high-quality turkey fryer pot crafted from durable aluminum and a robust stove stand constructed from premium steel, meticulously welded for maximum stability. At OuterMust, we break away from the norm of overwhelming bundles and present you with the essentials you truly require. No more excess appliances cluttering your space–with our turkey fryer, you have everything necessary to become a skilled chef in your own kitchen. Indulge in the art of turkey frying with confidence, thanks to our thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted turkey fryer. Elevate your home-cooking experience and savor the exceptional results that the OuterMust turkey fryer brings to your table.
Just like a fist needs fingers, a delightful cooking experience requires the right tools! Introducing the ultimate culinary assistant - a top-notch cooker that ensures your feast is nothing short of perfection. This impressive 30 Qt. turkey fryer kit is designed to flawlessly cook up to 13 lbs. of succulent turkey in a single batch, accommodating gatherings of 5-10 guests per cooking session. Crafted from durable aluminum, the turkey fryer pot is a breeze to clean. A quick rinse with everyday cleaning agents followed by air drying is all it takes.
Pricing & Packing:
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Pot material:
Stove head material:
Turkey fryer pot size:
Turkey fryer capacity:
Total N.W.:
galvanized iron
φ11.81’’ x 15.67’’ H
30 qt.
12.79 lb
Stove stand material:
Stove stand size
Total G.W.:
silvery and black
12.36’’ L x 12.36’’ W x 13.46’’H
16.76 lb
·Aluminum pot for long term use
·Durable steel with carefully welded for strong structure
·Galvanized iron burner for stable output
·High-temp powder attached stove stand for durability
·Reinforced handrails for easy access
·50,000 BTU powerful output for rapid heating
·Pouring nozzle design for easy operation
·3 bonus oil bags for collecting disposal oils
·Heat insulated panels for safety
·Two turkey hooks for convenience
·10 PSI pressure reducing valve for safe operation
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