Want to party on a cool summer night? Now you are invited to a turkey and fried stuff feast! This 30 Qt. turkey fryer can fulfill all your needs for a party meal. Made of durable aluminum, this turkey fryer pot with basket and burner withstand high temperature and last for long term use. Also famous for its waterproof feature, aluminum is not easy to be rusted. Stove stand is made of high-quality steel with high-temperature powder attached. Each part is perfectly welded. OuterMust 30 Qt. turkey fryer kit is the most reliable assistant to help you make a superb feast!

Imaging how exciting it is when you make a fried stuff or seafood feast with the help of this turkey fryer kit within just 1 hour! The stove head of this turkey fryer is made of durable cast iron with strong output of 50,000 BTU which heats up oil or water within just 30 minutes. Our regulator has received CSA certification and every part is carefully examined before sending to your address so you can put 100% faith on our turkey fryer pot and burner kit. NOTE: If you use it for the first time, there will be a reaction caused by the burning of surface oils, which will disappear with subsequent use, so please do not worry.
Pricing & Packing:
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Pot and basket material:
Stove head material:
Turkey fryer pot size:
Stove stand size:
Deep fryer basket size: Deep fryer capacity:
Total N.W.:
cast iron
φ11.81’’ x 15.67’’ H
13.23’’ L x 13.23’’ W x 15.31’’H
φ10.63’’ x 4.33’’ H
11 qt.
18.30 lb
Stove stand material:
Turkey fryer basket size:
Deep fryer pot size:
Turkey fryer capacity:
Total G.W.:
silvery and black
φ9.80’’ x 11.57’’ H
φ12.20’’ x 5’’ H
30 qt.
21.72 lb
·Aluminum pot and basket for long term use
·Durable steel with carefully welded for strong structure
·Cast iron burner for stable output
·Hang-to-drain design for easy use
·High-temp powder attached stove stand for durability
·Reinforced handrails for easy access
·50,000 BTU powerful output for rapid heating
·Pouring nozzle design for easy operation
·Heat insulated panels for safety
·Two turkey hooks for convenience
·10 PSI pressure reducing valve for safe operation
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