Outdoor Single Side Burner
This burner is able to cater to all kinds of cooking situations in your daily life. Whether it's a pan, seafood boiler, or turkey fryer pot, it can handle it with ease. This outdoor single burner stand features a heavy-duty cast iron frame and burners for long-term use and safety. Durable materials and an easy-to-control design make your outdoor cooking safer and more convenient. With an output of up to 80,000 BTUs, it heats up quickly so you can have your meal in time.
  • 1. This propane burner heats up quickly with its high output of 85,000 BTU. With four welded supporting structures, this outdoor stove burner fits different kinds of cookers like skillet, griddle, wok pan, stir-fry wok, steamer pot, and turkey fryer for steaming, frying, boiling, and stir-frying.
  • 2. This outdoor burner is made of durable cast iron which is oil-spotting resistant and easy to clean. With double-ringed dense holes, this outdoor stove burner also made of cast iron provides stable and strong output.
  • 3. Coming with 0-10 PSI regulator with CSA certified, this turkey fryer burner puts safety in the first place
  • 4. Outermust single outdoor portable burner weighs 13 lbs in total which means one adult could lift it with no effort. You can use it as a camping stove, or an addition to your outdoor grills.
  • 5. The ignition method we use for this outdoor stove is manual ignition, you can use ignition sticks or other ignition devices. It comes with an adjustable knob for free control of the fire.
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